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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf has evolved from use in residential and commercial applications and found its way into the playground industry. Playgrounds Unlimited installs thousands of square feet of synthetic turf for playground areas, landscapes, and sports fields and is an industry leader installing synthetic turf for playground applications which requires making the synthetic turf into a safety surface that complies with and meets industry safety standards.

Our Synthetic Turf Installation Process

Playground areas require meeting “critical fall height” ASTM standards. Critical height is defined as    “…the maximum fall height from which a life-threatening head injury would not be expected to occur.” Fall height is “…the vertical distance between a designated play surface and the playground surface beneath it.”

Playgrounds Unlimited offers two safety options for its clients’ design needs: standard high-density polyethylene foam safety padding and Poured-In-Place SBR rubber buffing pad for areas that require additional thickness (as determined by fall height of the play equipment, which may vary, as required to meet ASTM F1292 requirements for critical fall height), contours, and mound designs that can’t be achieved with the standard pad option. Playgrounds Unlimited has the unique ability to merge Poured-In-Place rubber surfacing and synthetic turf with seamless transitions.

We use specially selected unique fiber blends for playground use. Our distinctive surfacing system begins with importing a structural sub-base of “fines” and compacting to industry standards. We add the Poured-In-Place rubber buffing pad or high-density polyethylene foam safety padding as the cushion course under the playground structure. Then we install TigerTurf synthetic lawn over the entire area.

Through years of using synthetic turf products, TigerTurf is far superior to others and is the best product on the market because of the deep cushion under-pad and the extraordinary weight and durability of the yarn that form the blades of the synthetic grass. Playgrounds Unlimited uses nothing but the best products, and that’s why we use TigerTurf.

What You Need to Know to Evaluate Your Project Site

Similar to the considerations for Poured-In-Place rubber safety surfacing, your project site evaluation should include:

  • Project site access
  • Square feet
  • Thickness (critical fall height)
  • Site preparation requirements (sub base)
  • Edge details, including transition edges with Poured-In-Place base

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