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Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form

Tell us about your experience working with us by completing the “Customer Satisfaction Feedback Form.” We greatly appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve our business practices and policies.

For each of the questions below, please select the level of satisfaction you experienced.

1. Product Quality - Material

2. Product Quality - Installation

3. Product Quality - Overall Finish

4. Timely Completion of Project

5. Project Value (Overall Added Value)

6. Delivery of Materials

7. Timely Response to Quote Request

8. Timely Response to Contract/Documents/Records

9. Accuracy of Project Documents

10. Level/Quality (Overall Response) of Communication

11. Timely Response/Resolution of Complaint (if applicable)

12. Technical Expertise/Knowledge of Our Staff/Crew

13. Professionalism of Our Staff/Crew While on the Project Site

14. Your Experience With Our Staff/Crew Onsite

15. Safe Practices Implemented & Followed

16. Cleanliness of Site During/Post Installation

"Building Play, the Right Way, Since 1996!"

Company Information

980 Memorex Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: 408-244-9848
Fax: 408-330-9256

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