Poured in Place


Product Data
  1. Field applied in any configuration and dimensions.
  2. Typical thickness range from 1.5" to 5.5"
  3. Two layer system,- basemat layer of SBR rubber and urethane binder and top surface layer of EPDM rubber urethane binder.
  4. Dual density construction.
  5. Porous design.
  6. Many colors.
  7. Custom designs available.
With over 2 million square feet of product poured in northern California, we are the leaders in the industry.

PIP safety surface safety surfacing
PLAYPOUR poured-in-place safety surfacing, installed by Playgrounds Unlimited, is easily customized to meet and exceed the safety, design and aesthetic requirements of any playground or aquatic park. What makes this product unique is that the rubber and urethane components are mixed on site, making the product ideal for applications of logos, special graphics and geometric shapes.

Thickness of the product can be altered on-site to conform to different fall height requirements and colors can be mixed to complement playground equipment and surrounding buildings or structures.

Poured-in-Place Gallery