San Jose Artificial Grass


San Jose Artificial Grass

Almaden Valley Santa Clara County in San Jose, CA. Challenger School.

Playgrounds Unlimited developed an amazing play area for the children to play on with the Ameriturf Artificial grass, a synthetic turf that is made with experience and the durability that works for playing fields and playground areas.

This was a site that was all gravel and not very kid friendly.

Playgrounds Unlimited installed all the playground equipment, did all the concrete work, site drainage, irrigation and landscape planting. This is one of several Challenger school that Playgrounds Unlimited has developed or help develop. Playgrounds Unlimited is a one stop shop with 14 years of experience Playgrounds Unlimited can do it all. Playgrounds Unlimited located in Sunnyvale CA. is the Bay Area’s best in building play the right way.

Playgrounds Unlimited has its own Synthetic turf system Ameriturf Artificial grass, it also has its own Poured in Place surfacing ( PlayPour by ECORE International ). All sight work is done in house. Challenger Schools is very happy with our service and ability to have to deal with one company like Playgrounds Unlimited.