Artificial Grass

Artificial GRASS

Playgrounds Unlimited proudly offer all TigerTurf® Synthetic Turf Solutions. TigerTurf® Synthetic Grass products provide the look and feel of natural grass without the maintenance and upkeep necessary with living grass.

Our TigerTurf® line of products consists of Residential Artificial Grass, Synthetic Playground Turf and Synthetic Field Turf. TigerTurf® has developed these products stemming from their focus on high performance sports applications and carrying over to residential and commercial applications.

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Emulating nature is certainly one of the most difficult tasks, yet you would be hard pressed to tell that the Playgrounds Unlimited residential synthetic turf lines are not created by mother-nature. The most important resource on earth “is” water… Save time, money and water with Ameriturf Systems artificial grass.


Ameriturf synthetic grasses & turf products are designed and engineered to perform in all climates & conditions, hot, cold, frozen... bring it on. It’s also the ideal alternative for grassy areas that take a beating from heavy use or places that are particularly difficult to maintain under normal conditions. It’s engineered for durability, performance and best of all... appearance.
As Northern California prepares itself to face a year of drought, many will look for residential and commercial landscape solutions to help conserve water. Playgrounds Unlimited can help you design and build a landscape that will look great for years to come while minimizing your water use. Our first recommendation is to replace irrigated grass sod with artificial grass. Playgrounds Unlimited has a full line of synthetic grass products to meet your specific look , feel, and use. Synthetic turf can be installed in a new or existing landscape with a natural look that will conserve water helping us fight the drought, while providing a low maintenance solution with a manicured year round green grass look. Contact Playgrounds Unlimited today to get started with your drought landscape transformation!!!

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We service all of Northern California, including San Jose Artificial Grass and San Francisco Synthetic Turf.